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UNTAMED Creative Society is a

Digital Marketing Company in South Africa

our approach 

We believe that we are all creative and through strategic creativity we are able to unlock future potential, expressed in unique ways. UNTAMED has a desire to organically meet the digital marketing needs of companies and brands in South Africa and beyond. 


In a very competitive sphere, we found that companies were paying a great amount of money for services that did not yield the promised results. We had conversation after conversation where marketing needs were going unmet. This sparked something within us, call it justice for these companies or what you will, but we wanted to be a part of a solution. Convinced that we could organically and responsibility help companies reach their targets and goals through creative and competitive solutions, we started Untamed Creative Society. 


While we may look traditional and much like other digital marketing companies, we strive to meet the unique needs of each client through a combination of non-traditional and sometimes unpredictable marketing practices. 


As a Digital Marketing Company in South Africa we have had the privilege of partnering with companies locally and internationally in order to meet their digital marketing needs. We offer a variety of digital marketing services but what really makes us different to other digital marketing companies is our desire to responsibly and organically grow together.  


UNTAMED Creative Society utilises authentic and value-based tactics to reach target audiences. We have seen authentic brands emerging that have a natural brand voice and interact authentically with their audience, thus creating deeper connections. 


We are known for our organic approach to digital marketing and developing the right content centred around relationship, community and brand identity. Our belief is that personal, deeper connections will be more effective in the long term growth and capitalization of your company.


As a digital marketing company we aim to create and develop meaningful relationships with our clients. We are small enough to care and big enough to get the job done. We immerse ourselves in the world our clients find themselves in, in order to better understand who they are and what they are trying to achieve. 


We are especially passionate about entrepreneurs and start up companies as we’ve noticed a big gap between need and the cost of services offered. Whether it’s social media management, web development, content marketing or search engine optimisation (SEO), we are committed to finding the best solutions, unique to each company. These are some key initiatives to the successful development of an effective brand management strategy. 


We are hands on and aim to work and grow together. We understand that trust is the foundation of every relationship. We take time to meet (generally involving food and coffee), strategise, empathise and organically meet the needs of your company.

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Content Marketing

We understand that content is extremely important, as the reputation and overall image of the business is based on the content you create.

Social Media Marketing

Our social media marketing packages include the management of your social media. In other words we’ll manage your online presence via social media platforms.


We want to help your business be found. In order to do that we have a number of SEO packages on offer, depending on what exactly you are looking for.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Our Digital Strategy is a complete plan to optimize your digital activities with a mix of strategies, tactics and aligns your marketing efforts so that they are all pointed in the same direction.  When your website, social and email marketing are all working together towards a common goal, you’ll have more power and better results.

Digital Marketing

but what forms of digital marketing?