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5 Steps to boost your SEO strategy: Pinterest.

Updated: Mar 4

Developing a Pinterest Strategy requires intentionality and planning but is also a really easy way to boost your SEO and stay inspired at the same time.

Overview: Steps to develop a Pinterest Strategy include:

Pinterest as a Search Engine: SEO basics

When we say Pinterest, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Inspiration? Beautiful pictures? Recipes? Outfit Inspiration?

While most people think of Pinterest like this, almost as merely the place to get the best recipes or home decor ideas, it’s actually a really powerful search engine! Yes, we said it, it’s a search engine and if used correctly can boost your SEO!

But maybe you are wondering how? How does the Pinterest Algorithm work? While we often see the word algorithm and hold negative thoughts towards, let’s flip and see how we can help you develop a Pinterest strategy that boosts your SEO!

Think about it for a second, maybe you are in the mood for some home decor inspiration or looking for the best sourdough recipe - where do you often start your searches? In Pinterest. You search for your recipe or inspiration. You save pins and categorise your content according to different boards so you can also come back and revisit it. Yes, that’s all part of your search.

SEO strategy for pinterest
Pinterest FYP

Source: Pinterest (2021)

A step-by-step guide to develop a Pinterest Strategy:

So how then do you develop a Pinterest Strategy? We put together a few steps for you:

1. Build your Profile:

The first step to developing a Pinterest Strategy is building your profile. Complete your profile by adding your logo as your profile picture, your name and a description of who you are. You can also include links to your other social media accounts in your description.

2. Follow Local Businesses:

The second step of developing a Pinterest Strategy is to follow local businesses. This allows for sharable collaboration between different businesses. You will also be able to keep up with trends and what your followers are interested in.

3. Planning Pins:

The third step of developing a Pinterest Strategy is to start planning pins. This is the fun part. Planning your content in advance. 6-15 pins per day is recommended for good reach and engagement. Best times to post are between 1-4pm and 8-11pm. Most engagement occurs over the weekends. Let’s face it weekend scrolling for inspiration and recipes is a thing!

4. Categorise Content:

The fourth step of developing a Pinterest Strategy is to categorise your content. Your categories should be clear and relevant to what your business does. Content boards should be smaller and more specific for followers to navigate through them.

5. Be Colourful:

The fifth step of developing a Pinterest Strategy is to be colourful! Focus more on creating fresh content to engage with followers. Images with dominant colours such as red, dark green, orange and pink are shared more than other colours over Pinterest.

Pinterest Strategies are fun strategies and form part of your content marketing and search engine optimisation. Pinterest can drive website traffic when people click through from pins and it can even serve as an e-commerce platform for selling products.

Although this may all seem like a lot at first (doesn’t SEO always feel like that), in the long run Pinterest can be a really great source of website traffic and a great way to increase brand awareness and even exposure. A Pinterest strategy is much like any other strategy, it takes intentionality and planning but once you get going and get the hang of it, you are on your way! Pinterest is worth exploring for you business - especially if you are a small business or an entrepreneur starting out.

Here’s something to keep in mind: “Over 400 million people visit Pinterest each month, and 90% of those users make buying decisions on the platform.” - Neil Patel

So…get ready to start pinning! And if you want to learn more about building a Pinterest strategy for your brand. Feel free to book a discovery call with us.


Written By: Aeryn McEwan


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