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With a meandering start to her studies, from accounting to tourism to marketing, Kelsey found her genius. She’s got her Masters in Marketing, has a love for education, and a passion for good coffee. This winning trio led her to meet Rebeca and form a fast friendship that has spanned many adventures, with the greatest being UNTAMED Creative Society. Kelsey brings clear communication, problem solving strategies, and content creation brilliance to the team to boost our client’s brands. Plus, she’s known to bring quirky songs at random moments to keep us on our toes!


Her years of experience as a Marketing Consultant included working with many different brands and companies across an array of industries in multiple countries. Whilst consulting, she dabbled in simple and quick design tactics and different ways of bringing Marketing to life visually and in writing. She worked as part of the Marketing Team with Two Oceans Air Conditioning, Talent 10 Holdings, Nthibah Pictures and as the Marketing Coordinator on the Netflix original film i am All Girls. Add her years of lecturing experience, and you’ve got a girl-boss with all the right makings for success. 

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Society & Animals


University of Pretoria  

Journal of Consumer Studies:

Wiley Online Library

University of Pretoria 

Rebeca brings a wealth of experience and creativity to the team at UNTAMED. She’s a Brazilian by birth, musician by choice, and entrepreneur by instinct. She owned her first coffee shop at just 17 years old while finishing high school, then made a bold move to South Africa where she met and married her entrepreneurial match, Kevin Clark. Together they’ve pioneered multiple coffee shops, businesses and even a cute family too. 


Rebeca starts most sentences with “What if…” and as such, UNTAMED Creative Society was born. Because “What if we start a company that brings creatives together to dream up and do exciting things that change our world for the better?” was the question that got all this started. Rebeca’s love for digital strategy keeps her hungry for innovative ways to solve clients' problems. Always ready for a challenge, always genuine and forever authentic, Rebeca is the genius in all things strategy, SEO, digital marketing, and administration.

Rebeca Clark

Aeryn is the content creator of our dreams! With her BA in Marketing and Communication and her flair for creativity, Aeryn adds huge value to the UNTAMED team. She’s got a funny yet feisty streak that she tames while hiking in her spare time. Her love of a good party and a great cappuccino fits right in with our company culture! Aeryn interned with UNTAMED while she was still studying and that’s how we met her design genius. We’re so glad to have her on our team, and our clients are lucky to have her in their corner. 

Our Field Experience

Get yourself some coffee

As an ambitious coffee loving professional with a problem-solving mindset and extensive Product Manager experience, Kevin is our Agile Coach and sounding board. He keeps us on track and hitting our goals by maximising unconventional, yet highly effective strategies. Kevin keeps it real, fun and food-focused. Our team and clients are better because of his expertise. 

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