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How to Use LinkedIn for your Business [2024 Guide]

Updated: Apr 24

By now we all know that different platforms have different purposes. One (one being me ) would argue that in 2024, LinkedIn holds the greatest purpose at the moment: Connecting and building professional relationships. I want to emphasise "professional " because some people like to slide into DM's. Like, excuse me sir this isn't Tinder... I'm glad my profile impressed you though.

LinkedIn: The Future of B2B Marketing

Speaking of Tinder, I think this is a great personification of what LinkedIn is all about. Just like you wouldn't want a blurry selfie as your profile picture on the dating app, you can't afford a dull presence on LinkedIn. With over 700 million professionals worldwide, this isn't just any old networking platform; it's where business relationships are formed, and deals are sealed.

LinkedIn has a range of targeting options, including:

  • Job title

  • Industry

  • Company size

  • Seniority level

This allows you to focus your efforts on reaching specific audiences most relevant to your business objectives. Gone are the days of casting a wide net and hoping for the best. LinkedIn's analytics also allow you to be a bit sneaky, you can see exactly who is coming onto your profile and what industry you are trending in. LinkedIn's targeting capabilities make it better for you to reach the right people with precision, eliminating wasted resources and maximising ROI.

Pro tip: Use the right keywords for your industry and use hashtags to reach your target audience.

Using LinkedIn Article Contributions and Conversations

Sharing insights, industry news, and success stories isn't just about flaunting your expertise; it's about winning over your audience. If you are feeling shy about putting your thoughts out there...Fear not! LinkedIn's got your back.

Take the next best route, get into the conversation by contributing to articles and engaging with your audience. Aim for consistency, try it once a month for 3 months then move on to twice a month for 3 months.

Things to note with your content in general:

  • LinkedIn is prioritising multi-image posts, these posts generate the most engagement.

  • Videos are prime for shares, with LinkedIn giving them top priority, intensifying competition.

  • LinkedIn is testing a new, dedicated video feed, displaying content in a TikTok-style, full-screen format, leaning into the broader vertical video trend.

Build communities on Linkedin

Have you considered building a community on LinkedIn? To include this in your 2024 marketing strategy, start by creating a LinkedIn Group centred around a relevant topic in your industry.

Encourage engagement by facilitating discussions, sharing valuable content, and promoting networking among members.

Hosting virtual events and monitoring engagement metrics can further strengthen the community. By building a strong LinkedIn community, you can establish yourself as a thought leader, drive engagement, and build valuable connections within your industry.

Embrace the Future of Marketing people!

As marketing continues to change, you need to be willing to adapt your business's marketing strategies to stay ahead of the curve. This means shifting away from traditional social media marketing and embracing platforms like LinkedIn for B2B outreach. 

Is your marketing team not meeting your goals and KPIs? We can help you effectively integrate and scale your brand's marketing efforts.


Written By: Reshoketswe Magagane


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