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Need a Digital Marketing Partner?

Welcome to UNTAMED Creative Society, your go-to Boutique Marketing Agency in Gauteng! We are passionate about people and specialize in People-to-People Business. In a world filled with marketing jargon and empty promises, we stand out by focusing on authentic connections, community building, and brand identity.

With our organic approach to digital marketing, we create the right content that resonates with your audience. Our team will craft a comprehensive and creative digital marketing strategy tailored to your business, ensuring you reach your target audience with precision. Whether you need creation and design, creative consulting, website development, or social media marketing packages, our wealth of local and international experience will elevate your brand.

Digital Marketing will boost your business and bolster your growth

Don’t shy away from digital marketing because it's new or unknown.

With the right partner in your corner, you can conquer the world and reap the benefits of digital marketing!

Digital Marketing Consulting

From early-stage brainstorming to long-term mentorship, UNTAMED is ready to provide best-in-class creative consulting to your business, large or small.

Digital Marketing Management 

Need help with social media, content creation or SEO? Get all your online marketing efforts, including your website, blog and social media channels, to work together in unity and connect with your current and prospective clients.


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A bit more about us

Our mission is simple: to unlock future potential through strategic creativity. We believe that we are all creative (yes, you too!) and that growth and development can happen through unique expressions. We aim to responsibly and organically meet the digital marketing needs of companies and brands in South Africa and beyond. 


We are committed to a journey of long term growth together so that we can help turn your ideas into reality.

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