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How to grow your Instagram reach to 1.46 million

Updated: Mar 1

Scaling Social Media: Our Instagram Journey

Algorithms, trends, engagement - we’ve all heard thousands of “tips and tricks” about how to steer these social media dynamics in favour of your content, and ultimately grow your page. In an age where having a digital presence is essential for marketing your brand, social media marketers are all in search of the perfect recipe to gain the reach that your business needs to be successful. There surely is at least one very clear and foolproof way to do this, right?


Social media as we know it is unpredictable - what trends today could flop tomorrow? Even so, the uncertainty that accompanies these algorithmic platforms doesn’t reduce the importance of a digital presence in making your brand known. In 2023, UNTAMED Creative Society adjusted our approach to social media marketing - we adopted and adapted trends, batched content and posted as often as possible.

From wishful thinking to careful planning; hopeful posting to intentional content.

Results: From143,000 users reached to 1.46 million - our Instagram journey has been one full of learning and insight (coupled with immense benefit) and we’d love to share it with you. 

Social media can be a daunting landscape (Three reasons to include reels in your social media strategy). Millions of people on one platform, 24/7, ever-ready to make their thoughts and opinions known. And if the idea of being under the magnifying glass doesn’t discourage you, the perpetual influx of new platforms, updates and features might just. With this in mind, a clear strategy is fundamental if you are to avoid being overwhelmed. Understanding how to cut through the unnecessary and dispensable and focus on the real game changers can make the world of difference for any marketing campaign.

For UNTAMED Creative Society in 2023, this meant concentrating our efforts primarily on one platform; Instagram. 

Instagram is the second most used social media platform, second only to Facebook, and attracts over 1 billion monthly users - Hubpost

This is largely due to its visual nature - the preferred format for Gen Z, the youngest generation currently making up the workforce, and undoubtedly the decision-makers of tomorrow. Seeing its meteoric rise and well as its potential for intense engagement, we developed an Instagram strategy that would position us favourably in our current niche.

What did we do? 

  • We carefully analysed consumer trends to understand the style and content of social media that viewers enjoy. 

  • We intentionally created a time and space to film, create and edit the desired content. 

  • We posted as regularly as possible. 

We realise this may sound too simple to be effective, so we’d rather let the numbers do the talking.

Disclaimer: Forgive us for not using a graph to illustrate this, the growth was simply too large for any one graph to accurately portray. 

According to the data reporting platform we use, our total reach for 2022 was 143k. This may seem insignificant now, but at the time, it was a decent return on the effort we had put into creating Instagram content. Yet, with distinctive strategic thinking, intentionality and consistency, our Instagram reach began to grow exponentially. 

Fast forward a year later, and our Instagram reach for 2023 was 1.46 million. That's a 923% improvement year on year.

Our Instagram reach was nearly unrecognisable from just a year prior. All because we:

  1. Understood our audience.

  2. Created enjoyable, educational content.

  3. Posted more consistently than ever before. 

It would be remiss not to mention the team behind the scenes at UNTAMED Creative Society, who ensured this vision became a reality. Without forgetting the importance of having an effective team behind you, we want this to serve as a reminder that even if the social media landscape seems ruthless and complex, your strategy doesn't need to be.

Often the most effective and efficient strategies are simple, uncluttered and clear.

Is your marketing team not meeting your goals and KPIs? We can help you effectively integrate and scale your brand's marketing efforts.


Written By: Jesse Donn


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