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Three reasons to include reels in your social media strategy👩‍💻

Updated: Feb 23

Let’s talk about how Instagram Reels are beneficial to your business and why you should include them in your strategy👩‍💻

If you don’t know by now, reels are the future of Instagram and it is how we are consuming information these days. You may recall we wrote a blog post on video content in 2022 and it is already shaping up how we predicted. It has become the most popular content to consume and isn’t going anyway.

In this blog we’ll cover three reasons to include Instagram Reels in your social media strategy:

But before we get into that, let's take a look at Instagram Reels. According to Wise (2022), “content on Instagram Reels gets 22% more engagement compared to regular videos on Instagram” That is a big difference in engagement. On average, 50% of people using Instagram find new content on the Explore Page, which is where reels are found and are a big win for your business. After all, it’s pretty easy to use Instagram reels.

SO why then should you use Instagram Reels?


Reels provide another way to reach your target audience, apart from stories, lives and Instagram videos. Instagram Reels help with an organic reach and visibility. If you have the right strategies in place you can gain far more views on your reels and grow your account using reels. The biggest thing to remember is that creating original content (in a reel) helps boost visibility. It is advised to avoid recycling content from third-party apps like Tik Tok as Instagram prioritizes videos that arent visibly recycled.


Reels don’t vanish after 24 hours like an Instagram story, so users will be able to view and share them for a longer period of time. This is great because it means that there is a longer life span on reels. Sometimes you can post a reel and it initially only gets a couple hundred views but then overnight it can take off. Never delete a reel. We can testify to this happening. You should also always aim to create reels that are shareable - as this is what people look for.


Public reels appear in the explore tab which distributes your content to more users apart from your followers. The best part about reels is that they hit the explore page which means exposure goes way beyond your following. More visibility means more potential clients. It’s not necessarily about going viral or gaining followers, it’s about awareness and hopefully converting non-followers to potential clients. One thing to remember is that viral means different things to different people. You need to focus on your niche and make sure you are communicating that. Going viral on something that isn’t your niche is not helpful. (read our latest case study on how to grow your Instagram reach to 1M+)

The question at this point shouldn’t be: should I use reels, the question should be how do I use reels to grow my business?

Here are some of our top tips for Instagram Reels:

  • Always share reels to your feed - this will boost your views. This also make sure that your following and community sees your reels.

  • Choose careful text placement - make sure to bear in mind how reels are viewed in someone’s feed to make sure the right text is visible.

  • Post Consistently - consistency is always key - just keep going. Try new things and see what works. But find your niche and post consistently with your niche in mind.

  • Edu-tain people - Instagram reels is all about educating and entertaining people. Make sure to add value in a fun and unique way.

  • Be original - whilst reels are about jumping on trends and keeping up to date, it’s important to remember who you are as a company/brand - and stick with that. Don’t try to copy and paste what someone else is doing - be yourself!

So all that to say, get reeling, have fun, don’t overthink it and show up consistently. If you are not sure where to start or how to do reels for your Biz we can help you effectively integrate and scale your brand's marketing efforts.


Written By: Kelsey Donn


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