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Is Digital Marketing changing?

Updated: Feb 23

Well, everything seems to move and change at the speed of lightning around us. One day the trend is to wear the lowest-cut jeans (thanks Britney Spears) while taking photos with our faithful Sony Cybershot cameras everywhere we go, the next day we are posing and pouting in front of a device called smartphones wearing our thrift shop clothes that probably belonged to a family member back in the 90s.

So what do you think is next?

  • 0%We will have 14 cameras on our phones by 2030.

  • 0%Finally, have flying cars.

  • 0%My job will be done by robots?

  • 0%TikTok will be the new YouTube.

For us, at UNTAMED we are on the journey of sculpting what will keep us up to date in the game of Digital Marketing for the long run.

What have we found so far:

  1. Traditional Marketing is not dead, in fact, it works with digital and can set us apart.

  2. Digital Marketing needs to translate into the real world.

  3. Tradigital could become a real word.

We know, it sounds made up - but we are realising more and more that this is the thing that actually sets companies apart. A 360-degree focus on Marketing that is both traditional and digital. After all, you can't have one without the other.

Most marketing efforts off the back of COVID have resulted in fragmented stories and unclear messaging. We were all online, and then slowly but surely we integrated back into a hybrid society. BUT, few companies adapted their marketing to match this. Now, is the time for tradigital.

What does this look like for your company? As UNTAMED, we create a strategy that involves the best of traditional AND digital marketing. We see how all your channels can align better together and how we can optimise your marketing for the greatest growth. Whether it's print media or that TikTok trend, we'll make sure that your Marketing efforts are highly optimised for the greatest return. We believe tradigital is here to stay and the best way to grow.

So, what have we concluded? To answer our title question - YES, digital marketing is changing! And as a result, we now offer hybrid services including both Traditional & Digital Marketing aka Tradigital Marketing. We believe that our new approach will benefit your company by staying relevant for the years to come.

Let's meet and start your Tradigital Strategy today.



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