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AI in Content Marketing: Blending Human Insight with Technological Innovation

Updated: Mar 5

Table of Contents:

  1. Befriending AI: Working Together for Content Marketing

  2. Generating drafts & ideas

  3. The Future of Content Marketing: Collaboration between Humans and AI

  4. Grammar & SEO's buddie

  5. Embracing AI as an ally, not a replacement

AI… It sends shivers down the spines of most people these days. From scams to job losses, there’s a chill in the air when it comes to AI. And for content marketing freelancers or agencies, the cherry on top of the icy cake is ChatGPT. While we’re in awe of the effortless ease of AI and all that it could mean for our future, we’re admittedly a little concerned about what it means for our jobs, right?

Well, here’s the thing, someone (actually many people) once said that “AI won’t take your job, people who use AI will'' and we think it's pretty true! AI, harnessed for good, can be a tool in your toolbox that catapults your content marketing forward in a way you never saw coming.

Instead of fearing AI, maybe now’s the time to get to know your new best friend! Don’t be intimidated by her intelligence or speedy turnaround time… you’ve got something she needs too, the human touch! Nothing quite replaces the emotion and empathy of a human writer, and that’s something you should always bring to the table (no matter what content you’re writing). After all, content marketing is all about PEOPLE, right?

Let’s have a look at how you and AI can work together. How to deploy your human insight

while you smartly leverage the power of AI to supercharge your content marketing.

Our Top Tips for Befriending AI Content Marketing:

1. Speed up research and SEO

AI is a beast when it comes to processing vast amounts of data, making it a valuable asset for content marketers and writers. AI tools can help you sift through heaps of information, uncover valuable insights, and identify SEO trends and customer preferences. But let's not forget, it's you, human, who must interpret and apply this knowledge with your creative flair. AI sets the foundation, and YOU bring the SEO magic.✨

2. Let AI be your trusty sidekick for generating drafts & ideas

When deadlines loom or projects pile up, AI-generated drafts can be a true lifesaver. You can use AI to quickly draft the initial copy, giving you a head start and some fresh ideas. Then, take that foundation and inject it with your brilliance, refining and polishing it until it shines with your unique style and tone. AI helps us work faster, but it's the human touch that creates captivating and engaging content. Think of how many more clients you could say ‘yes’ to if you can work faster!? ⏰

3. Personalization made effortless for stand-out Content Marketing

AI algorithms are wizards at analyzing consumer behavior, demographics, and preferences. You can tap into that power to create more personalized and targeted content for your audience. AI helps segment audiences, suggests appropriate language, and optimizes messaging. But here's the thing—only humans truly understand the nuances of individual experiences, emotions, and cultural contexts. You have to spend the time and craft narratives that resonate deeply, transcending mere data-driven personalization. If you don’t connect, truly connect, with your audience, every bit of content you create will fall flat. 📉

4. AI is your new grammar Guru and SEO assistant

AI-powered tools are like trusty grammar buddies (you know, the kind on that Whatsapp group that corrects everyone’s mistakes), catching those sneaky errors and ensuring your content is polished and error-free. They can also help you optimize your content for SEO, suggesting relevant keywords and highlighting areas for improvement. However, when it comes to the flow, tone, coherence, and overall impact of your content, human editors and writers take the crown. Don’t forget, YOU, a human writer, know how to captivate readers and align with their search intent. 👑

5. Embrace collaboration between Humans and AI:

The future of content marketing (and dare we say your job) lies in the harmonious collaboration between humans and AI. AI is a powerful tool that amplifies your creativity and efficiency. It offers speed, insights, and data-driven guidance. But let's not forget that it's your unique perspectives, creative thinking, and emotional intelligence that truly captivate and connect with your audience. 🎯

Ultimately, content marketing will only thrive when humans and AI work hand in hand, not when humans are replaced by machines. So, start embracing AI as your ally, utilizing its strengths while infusing your human touch at every step.

The future of content marketing depends on collaboration, where human creativity reigns supreme, fueled by the ever-evolving AI technology, contact us to learn more about implementing these tools in your marketing strategy.


Written By: Michelle Hinrichsen


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