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The Power of SEO: Transforming Your Website for Success

Updated: Feb 21

Picture this: you’ve spent months, maybe even years, dreaming about the perfect website for your business. In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, you know how important your digital presence is for your business’ growth. You hire a designer to help bring  your  vision to life  and spend countless hours tweaking the layout, adjusting fonts and carefully selecting the best visualisations. You spend your hard earned money hiring the best web developers to execute your perfected design.

Finally, you have a live website which once only existed as a concept or idea. A couple of months pass, and your beautiful website doesn't seem to be getting the recognition and appreciation that you know it deserves - in fact, you haven’t received much website traffic at all. 

Check out your website ranking to see what you are missing, and grab a cup coffee to continue reading our awesome mini case study.

What are you missing? 

If this story sounds familiar to you, you are not alone. Unfortunately, great designs and robust back-ends are not enough to ensure the success of a website.

Here’s the good news: companies like UNTAMED Creative Society are here to help you find what you’re missing. In most cases, the nonperformance of a website comes down to poor Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

SEO is the process by which businesses can improve the quality and quantity of potential clients visiting their website via search engines. Through the understanding of consumer behaviour on the web, SEO seeks to optimise websites in order to drive traffic to a business, thus gaining leads and brand awareness. SEO has become an increasingly important topic in the marketing world and, looking into the future is something all businesses should be paying attention to. 

Sounds interesting  - but how this will affect your business?

1. Meet our client - well, their data:

Our recent SEO journey with a major international client may provide some clarity for you. When we first joined forces with this client, a few of their key performance metrics were beginning to stagnate, while others were nervously moving towards a decline. One example of this is their URL clicks - the amount of times their website URL was clicked on by users. 

URL Graph

2. Our problem to solve:

The graph above shows that URL clicks were declining in the period from 1 May 2022 - 1 May 2023, as indicated by the red arrow. It was during this period that the client reached out to UNTAMED for help with their SEO. Through careful audience and keyword research, UNTAMED were able to optimise their website content to increase website traffic and visibility.

3. The Result:

Not long after beginning work on this project, the client’s URL clicks made a sharp turnaround, represented by the green arrow. By SEO standards, it can take up to 12 months to see significant change in website performance; yet, in this case, URL clicks nearly doubled in 6 months, from 2500 per day in May of 2023 to 5000 per day in November of the same year. Not only were URL clicks restored to previous levels, but they also began to rapidly exceed these levels. With the power of SEO, we are confident these URL clicks will continue to soar. 

This example displays the undisputed potential that SEO has for businesses - a potential that you can access too. In an increasingly globalised digital economy where competition is more fierce than ever before, what is going to give your business the edge? SEO is a great place to start. (Learn more about SEO and why it matters here.)

Is your marketing team not meeting your goals and KPIs? We can help you effectively integrate and scale your brand's marketing efforts.


Written By: Jesse Donn


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