Why choose us?

UNTAMED Creative Society is a Digital Marketing Company in South Africa. We are small enough to care and big enough to get the job done. We are known for our organic approach to digital marketing and developing the right content centred around relationship, community and brand identity. 

Our experience with both local and international companies has given us the ability to strategically develop digital marketing strategies that are holistic, creative and responsible. We specialise in creation and design, creative consulting, digital marketing, websites and more. There are so many benefits of digital marketing such as the fact that it is cost effective, targeted and easy to measure. Digital marketing allows you to reach audiences across multiple devices and platforms, which increases your exposure to your target audience.

Our mission is simple: We believe that we are all creative and through strategic creativity we are able to unlock future potential, expressed in unique ways. We aim to responsibly and organically meet the digital marketing needs of companies and brands in South Africa and beyond. Whether you need a digital marketing strategy, social media marketing package or brand identity, we are committed to a journey of long term growth together so that we can help turn your ideas into reality.

First things first, why do you need Digital Marketing?

  1. Digital marketing is a cost effective, targeted and measurable way of reaching your audience, especially in comparison to traditional marketing methods.

  2. Digital marketing allows you to reach audiences across multiple devices and platforms which increases your exposure to your target audience.

  3. It allows you to interact and engage with your audience and lets them get to know you better. They even have the opportunity for them to ask questions directly.

  4. Digital marketing fosters relationship building and connecting directly with your audience.

  5. According to Google: “Companies using digital strategies have 2.8 times better revenue growth expectancy than those who don’t.”

What are the Benefits of Digital Marketing 



Allow us to bring your brand to life through design and development, strategy and brand reputation management.


One on one time spent brainstorming ideas for the future, creatively solving the problems of today or predicting the next set trends relevant to your company.


This includes digital creation of any kind including graphic design & artwork, photography and film. 

Digital Marketing

In short, this is all your online marketing efforts including your website, blog and social media channels. The aim of your digital marketing is to optimise for these destinations to connect with current and prospective clients. 


Custom web design packages to make sure you get the website of your dreams, customised to ensure that it is SEO ready. 

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