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Why AI should be your ally, not your enemy.

Updated: Apr 5

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a game-changer across industries, sparking both curiosity and caution. Just the other day, our team attended an AI event where opinions were split right down the middle – half were intrigued, while the other half were a bit wary. As someone who champions AI, I wanted to share why I believe mastering it isn't just advantageous; it's crucial.

AI in Marketing

At its heart, AI is all about efficiency, insight, and personalisation. In marketing, this means crafting strategies that not only work better but also resonate more with your ideal customers. With AI, marketing agencies can dive into extensive data sets to uncover patterns and preferences, allowing us to tailor our strategies based on audience behaviour. Yes, we've had analytical tools before, but with AI and Machine Learning (ML), this integration takes things to a whole new level.

Tool tip: consider using HubSpot's AI-powered Marketing Hub for streamlining your marketing efforts. This platform uses AI to segment audiences, personalise email campaigns, and optimise your content, making your strategies more effective and data-driven.

Personalisation at Scale

Think about the challenge of personalisation. In today's digital world, where consumers are bombarded with content, standing out is essential. AI allows you to create personalised communications at scale, ensuring your audience feels uniquely understood. Adapting content based on audience feedback is key to building an online community. It's not just a nice-to-have; it's becoming an expectation for audiences.

Tool tip: consider using Adobe Experience Platform to mass-create personalised content at scale. It uses AI and machine learning to understand your brand look and feel and produces graphics you can use as is or as a template.

Data-Driven Decisions

Moreover, AI's real-time analysis of vast data sets means marketing strategies are informed by current trends, not just past performance. This agility makes strategies more responsive and, importantly, more effective.

Tool tip: use Google Analytics' intelligent insights for making data-driven decisions. This tool uses machine learning to provide actionable insights into user behaviour, helping you to refine your marketing strategies in real-time for maximum impact.


Far from stifling creativity, AI acts as a partner, automating mundane tasks to free up creative minds for innovation. Whether through dynamic content creation or targeted advertising, AI supports marketing professionals in crafting strategies that deeply resonate with their audience.

Tool tip: A good example is Canva's Magic Write for boosting creativity. This AI-powered tool can generate creative content ideas, suggest design improvements, and even help with making your marketing copy better, allowing your creative team to focus on innovation and strategy.

AI in Achieving Marketing Goals

Our experience at UNTAMED illustrates the power of AI in achieving and surpassing marketing goals. By integrating AI into our strategies, we've helped clients navigate the complexities of the digital marketplace, achieving targeted outcomes with precision.

Tool tip: Try using Salesforce Einstein for achieving and surpassing marketing goals. Einstein's AI capabilities can predict customer behaviour, automate responses, and personalise customer interactions, ensuring your marketing efforts are both efficient and effective.

Embracing AI Without Fear

Mastering AI is about embracing new technologies and shifting mindsets. Understanding AI and its potential to transform business practices is the first step to using it as a tool – without apprehension. Learning and mastering AI mean staying ahead in a competitive landscape, ready to adapt and thrive in the face of change.

Trust in UNTAMED

Looking ahead, the message is clear: AI is not something to fear but a tool to embrace. Its potential to improve efficiency, personalise marketing efforts, and drive strategic decisions is unparalleled.

We believe that AI should be used to support content and not direct it. Explore the possibilities with UNTAMED today.

Is your marketing team not meeting your goals and KPIs? UNTAMED is your go-to strategic partner - we can help you effectively integrate and scale your brand's marketing efforts.


Written By: Reshoketswe Magagane


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