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Digital Marketing is the best way to grow your business online

We know this might sound overly confident, but at UNTAMED we’re convinced that great digital marketing will actually grow your business online. Digital Marketing encompasses all your content shared online - anything your customers see through a screen. When you start with the right strategy and back it up with excellent content and a consistent brand story, you’ll grow your business online and watch that translate into increased sales, influence and more. You need the right partner to enter the digital fray and truly conquer your objectives and goals. 

You won’t grow your business online with a haphazard approach to digital marketing - a robust strategy and implementation plan is needed to see real results. You’ll know it’s time to get an expert involved when you feel like the wheels are spinning, tractionless on your online platforms. Get help through creative consulting. 


From early-stage brainstorming to long-term mentorship, UNTAMED is ready to provide best-in-class creative consulting to your business, large or small.

Digital Marketing Consulting 

There are a lot of ways to win at digital marketing, and a lot of ways it can be a challenge. You might be convinced that it’ll work to boost sales and growth, but unsure where to begin, and how to keep it going. Digital Marketing entails strategy, social media & SEO and is not something that can be done on auto-pilot. It requires constant involvement and continual creativity. 


Let UNTAMED solve your digital marketing needs from strategy development to social media management and even SEO. Find the package fit for your business.

Digital Marketing Management 

Brand Management

Social Media 


Paid Advertising




Money Mentors Logo

Logo & Document Design for Money Mentors

Moodboard, Colour Pallet, Logo Design, Iconography

SEO Results

Digital Marketing Consulting , Social Media & SEO for RedRhino

Digital Strategy Consulting, Social Media Management & Consulting, Website SEO, Local SEO

TinySmile Brand Stationary

Digital Marketing Management for TinySmile

Complete CI Guide, Brand Management, Content, Social Media, Local SEO

Tzamac Logo

Brand Development for Tzamac

Moodboard, Logo, CI Guide, Packaging Design & Mock Ups

Paid Advertising

Digital Marketing Management and Paid Advertising for InsideOut

Social Media Strategy, Paid Advertising, Local SEO

Digital Marketing Management for Vintage Coffee

Content, Social Media Marketing, Packaging Design, Local SEO

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