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What should I post?

Updated: 3 days ago

10 Content Ideas Graphic

One of the most common questions we get asked. We know that the struggle is real when it comes to content ideas. Sometimes it feels like you go round and round in circles and don’t come up with anything new. If you’re struggling to come up with new content ideas, don’t stress — we have some helpful tips for you.

Off the back of our last blog post (if you missed it, you can find it here: Content Batching Blog Post) we wanted to give you some content ideas to boost your social media strategy. The good news is that you can also take old content and freshen it and you can repurpose content.

If you just came for the 10 content ideas, here they are:

Okay, so now that you have 10 ideas, let us explain how you can go about implementing them and why they could be awesome ways to boost your social media strategy.

#1: Meet the Team

One of the things about social media is that often, people don’t necessarily know who is behind the camera or your platform. Introduce people to your team, each one of you (even if there is only one or two). Or even let your employees take the to the platform. Give them a spotlight and let them introduce themselves. People love engaging with real people - so say hi and tell everyone something about YOU!

#2: Behind the Scenes

Give people a glimpse behind the scenes of your company. Let them have a sneak peak into your world. Although sometimes it may feel that this is underwhelming - it’s a great way to let people in - like inviting them to your office / work space (even if it’s your living room #covid).

#3: Your Products

While this seems obvious, sometimes it can be difficult to find fresh ways to shoot products. Why not go outside and find the grass - that’s always a good place to start.

#4: Customer Reviews

We don’t know about you - but sometimes having the confidence to sell yourself can be tough. So why not let your customers do it for you. If you have received great reviews or testimonials, you can use them as content and shed some client spotlights.

#5: How to Guide

One of the great things about social media is that it is a tool for EDUCATION. And we LOVE edutainment. You can educate and entertain with fun how to guides. If you are on Instagram / Linkedin, this is a great carousel tool and can allow people to swipe through.

#6: Day in the life

Invite people to join you for a day in the life. Pick some highlights of the day and let people in to see what a day looks like for you Or your company OR both.

#7: Before and After

Who doesn’t love a great makeover or change? We definitely do - so why not show people a before and after and let them see the transformation for themselves.

#8: Tutorials

Similar to your how to guide, make a tutorial. It’s an easy way to not only help people but also equip them. Tutorials are really popular at the moment.

#9: Insta vs Reality

We all know that Instagram is the highlight reel of our lives and our companies BUT why not show some authentic vulnerable reality. People really engage with that and can relate. So why not show a swipe post for Instagram vs Reality. What people see vs what it’s really like.

#10: Bust a Myth

Think of yourself as THE Mythbuster and show how you’ve managed to bust that myth.

BONUS content idea: write a blog!

Blogs are not only a great way to boost your SEO - but they allow for a lot of content that can be repurposed across different platforms.

The great news is that these are also content ideas you can use to create Instagram Reels! You no longer need to feel stuck and in need of fresh ideas. Get going on these and the creative block will be no more!

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