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10 content ideas on what to post in 2024!

Updated: Mar 4

One of the most common questions we get asked. We know that the struggle is real when it comes to content ideas. Sometimes it feels like you go round and round in circles and don’t come up with anything new. If you’re struggling to come up with new content ideas, don’t stress — we have some helpful tips for you.

Off the back of our last blog post (if you missed it, you can find it here: Content Batching Blog Post) we wanted to give you some content ideas to boost your social media strategy. The good news is that you can also take old content and freshen it and you can repurpose content.

Let's break down these 10 ideas.

Okay, so now that you have 10 ideas, let us explain how you can go about implementing them and why they could be awesome ways to boost your social media strategy.

#1: Meet the Team

In an era where TikTok trends and Instagram Reels dominate, it's easy to forget there are real, relatable individuals behind each post. Introduce your team in a series of short, snappy videos or live streams, showcasing not just their roles but their personalities, favorite 2024 pop culture references, or the latest viral dance they can't get enough of. Humanize your brand by connecting your team's personal interests with your audience's, whether it's through shared favorite Netflix series, music, or meme culture.

#2: Behind the Screens

Take your followers on a virtual tour of your workspace, whether it's a high-tech office, a cozy corner in your home, or a digital nomad setup. Highlight how the pandemic has reshaped your work environment and the innovative tools or gadgets you use to stay connected and productive. Share stories of adaptability and resilience, perhaps even comparing your current setup to a pre-2024 workspace, showing how far you've come.

#3: Products in the wild

In a world oversaturated with product placements, stand out by showcasing your products in unexpected, everyday settings. Use AR filters to place your products in famous landmarks or alongside trending pop culture characters. Encourage your community to share their own creative shots, turning it into a challenge that could go viral.

#4: Amplify Customer voices

With the rise of influencer culture, authentic customer reviews have never been more crucial. Create a TikTok challenge or an Instagram Reel series featuring dramatic readings of customer reviews, the more theatrical, the better. Highlight the genuine impact your product or service has had on real people's lives, using humor and sincerity to connect with your audience.

#5: How to Guide

Leverage the power of short-form content to create bite-sized educational pieces that are as entertaining as they are informative. Think TikTok tutorials, Instagram Reel how-tos, or even YouTube Shorts that align with the latest trends or challenges. Whether it's a life hack, a tech tip, or a DIY project, make learning fun and shareable.

#6: Day in the life

Invite your audience to experience a day in your life or your company's routine through the lens of current memes and viral trends. Use popular audio clips, filters, or editing styles to highlight the relatable, humorous moments of daily work life, creating a narrative that feels both personal and on-trend.

#7: Before and After

Before-and-after content never gets old, especially when paired with the transformative trends of 2024. Use time-lapse videos, split-screen comparisons, or even interactive sliders on your website to showcase the evolution of your projects, products, or personal growth stories. Tie it back to popular culture by referencing trend transformations, like fashion revivals or tech upgrades.

#8: Tutorials

Grow your tutorial game by incorporating elements of virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR), offering an immersive learning experience. Whether it's using AR to visualize home decor changes or VR to simulate the steps of a DIY project, make your tutorials not just helpful but also cutting-edge and engaging.

#9: Insta vs Reality

In an age where authenticity battles with perfection, showcase the unfiltered side of your brand with a modern twist. Pair your polished posts with behind-the-scenes bloopers, outtakes, or the less glamorous aspects of running a business, all while incorporating the latest slang, humor, and references that resonate with a 2024 audience.

#10: Bust a Myth

Position yourself as a beacon of truth in an era of misinformation. Use your platform to debunk common myths related to your industry, employing a mix of facts, humor, and popular meme formats to educate and entertain. Collaborate with influencers or experts who are voices of authority or comedic relief to broaden your reach and impact.

BONUS content idea: write a blog!

Blogs are not only a great way to boost your SEO - but they allow for a lot of content that can be repurposed across different platforms.

The great news is that these are also content ideas you can use to create Instagram Reels! You no longer need to feel stuck and in need of fresh ideas. Get going on these and the creative block will be no more!

Boost your social media strategy in 2024 by contacting us today.



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