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Kelsey Donn | Co-Founder, Director and General Manager

As our co-founder, director, and general manager, Kelsey has played a pivotal role in transforming the company from a conventional social media agency into an integrated brand and marketing force. With extensive experience in the marketing industry, Kelsey possesses the strategic prowess to articulate clear visions for brand building.

Kelsey's natural ability to understand people and their strengths and weaknesses shines through in her approach to guiding the UNTAMED team, offering both encouragement and motivation while embodying professional values of empathy, quality, adaptability, and collaboration.

In her role as General Manager, Kelsey oversees the day-to-day operations of UNTAMED, ensuring that strategic plans are implemented effectively and that the company's goals are met. She navigates the complexities of project management with finesse, ensuring smooth workflows and optimal outcomes. Communication is not just a tool for Kelsey; it's her mastery, gift, and strength. With a knack for simplifying complex strategies and concepts to industry needs, she drives the team towards success.

Rebeca Clark | Co-Founder and Director

Rebeca is our co-founder and director, the driving force behind UNTAMED Creative Society. Specialising in leadership and revitalising teams during transitional periods, Rebeca's role as Director goes beyond conventional boundaries, focusing on parachuting into situations where structure and direction are critically needed.

As a Director, Rebeca is responsible for setting strategic direction developing business systems, and ensuring the company's overall success. Rebeca is also deeply involved in client relationships, working closely with partners to understand their needs and deliver unique solutions.

Passionate about transforming challenges into triumphs, Rebeca applies strategic insight, creative problem-solving, and proven leadership skills to make an immediate, impactful difference. Committed to breathing new life into projects, she guides teams to efficiently achieve objectives and excel in their endeavours.

Aeryn Mcwen | Account Manager | Senior Marketing Executive 

Aeryn is a highly accomplished Marketing Strategist and Account Manager, known for her creativity and expertise in content marketing. With a solid background in Marketing and Communication, she consistently delivers impactful results and adds tremendous value to the UNTAMED team.

Known for her vibrant personality and dedication to excellence, Aeryn thrives in collaborative environments. Her natural ability to build strong client relationships ensures that their goals are met and exceeded with every project.

Our Field Experience

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Kathleen Pretorius | Account Manager | Marketing Executive

Kathleen is currently a student in her third and final year of a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Marketing and Communications. She began her UNTAMED journey in 2023 as an intern; she has since joined the team as an Account Manager and Marketing Executive. Kathleen has a genuine passion for building meaningful connections and fostering positive relationships with those around her. Whether collaborating on projects or engaging in conversation, she thrives in environments where she can connect with others and contribute to a positive atmosphere.


She is particularly proud of winning an award for a design challenge, where her digital marketing strategy for a prominent South African brand stood out for its creativity and effectiveness.

Tina van der Breggen | Head of Communication & Content

Tina is a passionate professional with a background in English and Visual Culture Studies, equipped with valuable skills in editing, design, and digital culture. With degrees in both English and Visual Studies, her academic pursuits have allowed her to explore the fascinating connection between language and visual media. 

Tina has found a space for storytelling through content strategy and creation. Tina thrives as the Head of Communication and Content at UNTAMED Creative Society. Her role has allowed her to delve into the exciting realms of copywriting, visual storytelling and much more. She is fuelled by her curiosity and academic inclinations, which drive her to continuously work towards updating her skills and staying at the forefront of brand and marketing trends.

Reshoketswe Magagane | GenZ B2B Marketing Specialist

Reshoketswe aka Shoki is all things B2B to GenZ. With a BA degree in Digital Marketing and Communications from Inscape, Shoki brings a fresh perspective and a passion for making a mark in the ever-changing digital landscape #makemefamous

Known for an energetic approach and a love for learning, her experience spans brand growth and engagement across various digital platforms. She is a TikTok wiz and has an eye for trends like no other.

Danielle van Wyk | Head of Multimedia Design

Danielle is a creative multimedia designer with a passion for creating captivating visual experiences. Danielle has a keen eye for detail and brings a unique blend of artistic vision and technical expertise to every project. She possesses a strong foundation in colour theory, typography, and layout design, allowing her to create visually harmonious and impactful compositions. Collaboration is at the heart of Danielle's creative process. By actively engaging with clients and colleagues, she fosters an open dialogue to understand the vision and objectives of every project. 

Whether it's bringing static or dynamic media to life or creating visually stunning websites, Danielle is passionate about leveraging her expertise to make a lasting impact through multimedia design.

Directed through digital, designed for humans.

Jesse Donn | Head of Data Strategy 

Jesse is a footballer by day and a data strategist by night (well afternoons, mainly). He currently plays as a midfielder for SuperSport United in the Premier Soccer League.


Currently serving as the Head of Data Strategy at UNTAMED Creative Society, he adeptly applies his analytical prowess to unearth insights and fortify data-centric strategies.


With a BCom degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, a keen eye for detail and a passion for analysis, he strives to extract valuable insights from data, empowering organisations to make data-driven decisions.

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