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The origin story of

UNTAMED Creative Society 

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away..... Kidding - Kelsey and Rebeca are not into Star Wars at all! 

We believe that we are all creative and through strategic creativity we can change somewhat of the future, expressed in unique ways. UNTAMED has a desire to organically meet the needs of companies and brands globaly. We are known for our organic approach to digital media and brand and for developing all things centred around relationship, community and brand identity. We believe that personal, deeper connections will be more effective for the long-term growth and capitalisation of your company.

UNTAMED Creative Society started with two friends, a cup of coffee and a full set of ideas on how to create organic digital marketing strategies. We began to piece this strategy together and realised how much we loved collaborating with other creatives. Dreaming. Daring. And Doing! We love taking ideas and visions and making them a reality - and we help other companies do the same. What started as a social media agency, developed into a full service digital marketing company. 

Directed through digital, designed for humans.

Our Team

Hi - thanks for dropping by. We are the quirky team behind UNTAMED Creative Society. We are an unlikely trio but have a common love for collaboration, creative spaces and food...we love to connect over a good meal! We believe that organic digital marketing strategies are the way of the future and hope you’ll join us on this adventure.

Co-Founder & Director


Co-Founder & Director


Account Manager & Senior Marketing Executive


Head of Communication & Content


Account Manager / GenZ B2B Marketing Specialist


Head of Multimedia Design


Account Manager / Marketing Executive


Head of Data Strategy




In both mindset and approach. We value being flexible and moving quickly, sometimes unpredictable but always adapting to change, and producing working results along the way. 



We believe that we are all creative and that creativity is underrated. We help unlock creativity with our organic approach to digital marketing. 



We believe that we can be a bridge between tertiary education and the working world. Our team is passionate about education and allowing people the opportunity to gain experience in a work-related field.



Community and relationship building is not just what we do, it’s who we are. We are committed to building and maintaining long term relationships with our clients. We value loyalty and commitment, and build relationships as a partner not just a contractor. 


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