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At UNTAMED we offer professional, affordable web design packages. We aim to create websites that have the end user in mind while bearing in mind that robots ultimately read what’s on the site.  As web designers, we are focused on designing a site that is visually creative and user-focused. A website should be both functional and beautiful without compromising on either.  In other words, websites should gain the approval of machines but ultimately be for the enjoyment of the consumer.

Did you know that “84% of today’s consumers think a website makes your business more credible than companies who only have social media profiles.” (Theme Isle, 2021). Nowadays, a website is like someone walking into your shop, business or home and gaining a perspective of who you are, what you stand for and what you have on offer. A great website sets you apart from competition and gives you a level of credibility. It also allows you to reach a wider audience with better promotions. The content on your website also helps for overall search results - which you want to appear in. 

The choice, at this point, is not whether you should have a website or not, but rather what is the best website design package for your business. We understand that creating a website may not be the best fit for you or your small business resources. That’s why we exist. 

We understand that creating a website takes time and skill. While a great deal of companies know this, we’ve found that they don’t necessarily know how to go about creating a website. We want to take that responsibility off your plate. We focus on website design. 

Vintage Website Mockup


Web design involves the creation of wireframing. It makes use of several basic design principles to achieve an aesthetically pleasing layout which also provides great user experience. 


Web development consists of building a fully functioning website. It takes the design of the website and brings it to life by breaking it up into its components .


“Website without visitors is like a ship lost in the horizon.” Dr. Christopher Dayagdag

What’s the difference between a Web designer and Web developer?

let us help you...

It's a common question because it's often assumed that they are the same thing. So here's a short summary:

  • Both web designers and developers build websites, but they are involved in different areas when it comes to the website. 

  • Web developers develop websites using code and build the core structure using programming knowledge.

  • Web designers are like the visionaries - creative and user-focused. They make the website look good.

  • Another thing to note is the #nocode movement we're seeing at the moment. Because of web development platforms, people who know little about code are still able to build online without coding completely. It's super helpful for start ups and there are so many platforms that make it easy to use.