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You have everything you need!

"Creativity is often birthed out of lack" - Joel Houston.

Let that thought sink in for a second - how often do we find ourselves looking at our lack and thinking "but I don't have what I need" . We often say: "if I only had...I would be able to." We just need one more big client, one more design job, one more person, a little more money, a little more time, maybe a little less of people. There is often a deep dissatisfaction with what we have because we are always in pursuit of more. And take it from me - I see lack in everything - to be one hundred percent honest, it's so easy for me to look around and notice what others have that I do not. Comparison kills more than just our creativity - thanks Tinica for last weeks post!!!!

But here's a funny story for you:

Earlier this year I went to a friends house (they were away) to just spend some time being still. To try and gain some perspective. I accidentally locked myself out of the house (hand over face!). I was feeding the dogs and the door closed behind me and it was one of those sneaky ones where if the clip closes - it locks. There I was - on the outside - and I had NO idea how I would get in. I walked around and around trying EVERY possible in route - but NOTHING. They were away and there was no other way to get in. And so there I was - I had nothing - but as I began to walk around the garden I saw that there were so many things that I could use to try and get the keys off the kitchen table (luckily I left one window open in the kitchen). There were toys and sticks and some gardening tools - suddenly my eyes were opened to the possibilities before me.

I tried one of those kiddies fishing nets (which I thought would be handy except it couldn't reach the keys - ha!), a long stick, literally anything I could find. Then, I found it - the pool net. I ended up tying the fishing net to the pool net (with a dolls dress I found in the doll house - TRUE STORY!!) and fishing the keys off of the kitchen table. When I finally got back inside the house I remember God saying this to me: "I have given you everything you need on the outside to unlock what I've placed on the inside"

And this is what I have been reminded of in the past little while. God has given you everything you need. Where we see lack, He sees possibility bursting. And I wanted to encourage you with that. There is grey world that is dying for a burst of colour - and you have the crayons in your hand - whatever your space looks like - take a moment to consider what is in your hand. Are you throwing it back at God or embracing it?

Maybe it's time to stop looking at what we don't have and start using what we do. Embrace the bare spaces - see possibility - opportunity. If we don't embrace the smaller spaces, how do we ever expect to embrace the bigger ones? How can we expect God to unlock more if we throw the what we have back at him like it's not good enough?

You see when we don't have much - we somehow find a way to create - in whatever way, shape and form. So much so that once we are done we tend to look at it and it's like looking through renewed eyes.

Here's to creating within the boundaries and limitations that we have!

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