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What if your dream today could become a reality tomorrow?

When we first meet with a potential client, we ask them what their dreams are.

Often what happens is that by tellings us their dreams they start figuring out how their dreams align with their companies.

I’m a millennial and with that comes a crap load of labels - in fact we are the most labeled generation that has ever lived... but our goal as a company is to create a smaller gap between your dreams and your reality. By finding ways of connecting what you believe as a person to what people expect of a company. We believe every company needs to a find their why - and they have to align with a belief system.

We live in a world pursuing a target, deadline, promotion and if we meet all of those we might gain a sense of worth, accomplishment and an on top of the world feeing - but I think most can agree that the feelings won’t last for long, because everyone is in pursuit of the same thing....

The other day Gareth Nicholson spoke about speaking to peoples hearts instead of their hands... and I think this could be key for companies and corporates.... people are dying to belong, they want to be noticed and loved - but all we do is tell them what they do and not who they are... (and I am the first to say GUILTY) cause often I celebrate people’s hands more than their hearts!

So my “what if” for today would be -

- what if we speak to peoples hearts more than we speak to their hands??

Have a good weekend,

Rebeca Clark

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