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Wellness Wednesday

Lame title, I know - but we started off this morning in the W's. We were being really silly but we started laughing at all the words that started with W. Ever been in the car with a friend where you are laughing at the stupidest thing? Yea, that was us! Wholesome, wine, whiskey, windy...as long as it had a W.

We've both been sick the past few days (hence the title) which has forced us to take a break from everything. Which, if you know us, is not easy. Well one of us took a break - the other accomplished everything on her to do list and more because she is literally Wonder Women (that was not me!). I spent the last two days pretty much just lying in bed - in and out of sleep and reading. A wise friend of mine said something interesting to me on Monday, she said: "Maybe it's good so that you just take some time to recover."

Kent Klein Photography

It got me thinking - why is it that sometimes we wait until the point where our bodies force us to shut down, to rest? Is it the guilt we feel when we stop? I get work-guilt. I feel like I need to be working all the time and I feel guilty if I am not. Because I know there is still stuff to do. Anyone else there? If there is still something on the list - I feel like I NEED to do it. Maybe you have what's called mom-guilt or spouse-guilt or whatever it may be.

One of the things I have been learning about is letting go. Surrender - a beautiful thing. In order to rest - I need to realise that I cannot control all things - and in resting - I can actually give more than if I am unrested. Sounds so obvious, I know. Not a revelation to most. But how many of us are taking the time to really rest? To let go, without feeling guilty about it. To remember the things that make us laugh, that bring us life, that lead us into God's rest and his presence. Rest is not only a passive physical thing - it's an active thing - to rest.

So we are going to keep looking at ways to implement this into UNTAMED - as far as we can - Monday's are rest days - created for us to breath and you know the funny thing - we are way more productive the rest of the week if we do this. SO if you see either of us or our interns on a Monday - feel free to tell us to go away!!!

And why not take some time to rest - do something that you love! Laugh, hangout with friends, drink coffee alone at your favourite coffee shop or read a book. Whatever it may be - take a moment to enjoy life, right where you are and rest in the fact that true beauty and freedom is found in true surrender!

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