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Turn around time!

Ever found yourself going over list after list, just adding on to what seems like an endless amount of: to do's? Things to get done?

Well, the past few weeks have been like that for us. And I have had write blog post on the list for the last week and a half. You see, every time I started one, I got distracted by the endless amount of OTHER things that we needed to do. Designing, printing, incubation, activation, back to printing, driving back and forth, interview intern, organise online media, ad posts, biltong (ah, now I am hungry), coffee, design again, create, you name it.... It's like the whirlwind of never ending to do's.

But then yesterday, Rebeca and I took a moment to eat food - yes - food. Untamed Creative Society loves food! Like sweet nectar for the soul, sometimes a meal and a moment can help the dust to settle and allow us to refocus. And I took a moment to realise that there may be endless to do's - but how amazing that we get to do each one. That we get to help people and companies bridge the gap between their dreams and realities. We get to design beautiful logo's, create amazing content and work alongside incredible people. By having interns, we get to teach future generation's what we know and in turn we get to learn from them. By designing, we get to unleash some of the creative potential we have locked inside. And by looking on the bright side - we get see how amidst chaos, there is creative beauty.

Remember to breathe and if you need a reminder - save this as your wallpaper so you don't forget!

I don't know what you are sitting with today - and whether you feel overwhelmed or within a whirlwind - but I do know this - perspective is everything. We strive for excellence in everything we do. This quote popped up on my social media this week and made me think long and hard:

“The pursuit of excellence will motivate you, but the pursuit of perfection will eventually limit you.” – Craig Groeschel

Wherever you may be - drop the pursuit for perfection.

And remember to breathe - eat some food and refocus!

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