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The Story told by Rebeca Clark

Updated: May 14, 2020

In 2014 my husband and I (Kevin Clark) started a coffee shop called Vintage Coffee. It was our hope that it wouldn't just be a place to sell specialty coffee but a place that would add value to our city. We had this crazy idea to ask on Facebook if anyone would be keen to volunteer at our shop. We had two people that said YES - #crazy - It took us by surprise that someone would've say yes to working for free.

Anyways - a few days later this girl called Kelsey van der Merwe walked through the door. My husband interviewed her and we discovered that she was doing her masters in Marketing and it was all about coffee. We didn't really talk for a while. I am very shy and it can be awkward to talk to strangers. However, her face started to become more and more familiar, so I decided to sit with her to have lunch. I don't do small talk and I knew she was going to New York in the following weeks - so I asked what she was planning to do there... then #boom... we both discovered our mutual love for the USA.

Thereafter we discovered our passion to create and our ability to transform visions and dreams into reality. We always asked ourselves "what if we start a company that brings creatives alongside to create, dream and change our spheres to a better place". Well, it just so happened that in May 2019 we registered our company and our first client found us.

The journey of creation has been long - but the journey of being untamed and wild has just begun!

#UntamedLivingisNowAReality #WatchThisSpace

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