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The Story as told by Kels!

Updated: May 14, 2020


Two words that when uttered can change everything!! And I mean everything! I remember the moment Rebeca Clark said her favourite two words to me: "what if..." followed by "...we start a creative company!"

Now to back up just a tad, I have never really thought of myself as a creative. To be honest, I started studying accounting before making a swift change to Tourism and finally landing on my favourite, which was Marketing. And I spent a good few years studying consumer behaviour. So when it came to choosing a topic for my masters dissertation - I choose to be different. If you are going to spend THAT long on something - you need to make sure you absolutely #loveit! And so COFFEE it was. And not just any kind of coffee, specialty coffee. Whilst finishing my studies - I saw a post from this really awesome new coffee shop in Centurion (of ALL places!) and they needed people to help with Marketing. I remember thinking this has to be the COOLEST opportunity. So I met with Kevin and from that day have pretty much spent the last five years at Vintage Coffee. As Re mentioned in her story (which if you missed you can read here, we didn't really become the best of friends until one day, she made me a chicken mayo sandwich (yes I remember that!) and we began to talk about our love for America. We both knew that there was something more to this!

What unfolded from there was the most outrageous journey. From Marketing, to making coffee, to getting involved in lecturing design students to dreaming and creating alongside other incredible people and then finding myself in that moment: "what if we start a creative company!". In my head I thought - this is crazy! But then we began to piece it together - we began to realise how much we loved collaborating with other creatives. Dreaming. Daring and doing! We love taking ideas and visions and making them a reality - and we want to help other people do the same. And one of the things that this adventure has begun to do is unleash the #untamed, not only in us but in those we get the incredible opportunity to partner with.

It's time to embrace the #wild and #free state!

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