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The Forgotten Ones

Hi, my name is Chantelle, owner of Brave Development, an Occupational Therapy Practice and I’m so excited that Untamed Creative Society took a leap of faith by partnering with me, even more so trusting me to feature on their blog.

Just last week I decided to take a step back from working to gain a bit of perspective. I took some time to invest in me, not my family, not my profession, not my church... Me! Gasp, can one do such a thing?? Honestly, I believe it’s essential and it took me stepping back to realise just that. I think so often, like a steam train, we just push ahead without taking a moment to consider whether we’re going in the right direction or whether we need to change course.

Anyway, on Thursday I found myself sitting in Melville, eating breakfast, sipping on a cup of coffee and reading a book. It was pure bliss. As I left though, I felt this need to just drive around Melville a bit, look for beauty in mundane spaces. Now, if you haven’t been in Melville, it’s a really cool scene. They’ve taken old buildings and completely revived them. What I noticed though, was that in order for them to create this new, fresh, creative, out the box space, they needed to utilise the old structures or foundations and build from them, rather than tearing them down or completely disregarding them.

So it got me thinking, how often do we as the ‘new’ generation just plough ahead. We get so wrapped up and consumed with having to be different, better, newer etc. that we forget about the people that have gone before us. We disregard the work of those older than us, forgetting about the foundations that they have worked so incredibly hard to lay down, to set us up for success.

I guess what I’m trying to get to is, yes, the future is so very important and if we keep doing what has already been done, we might just keep getting the same results. I do, however, think that we need to give the older generations more credit, we need value their input, hard work and wisdom way more than we currently do; and use that to our advantage. Let’s partner with them and learn from them. Let’s use their foundations and build from it, rather than having to start from scratch all the time. One day we’re going to be old and we might just end up being the forgotten ones – Unless we change our mind-sets now.

Today, give your parents, grandparents, great grandparents, old professors, old teachers current bosses, previous mentors, you name it, a big thanks. Learn to listen to what they have to teach us and you might just gain greater knowledge. The day you think you know everything or you refuse to learn at least one thing from every person you come across, is the day you are doomed for success.

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