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Updated: May 14, 2020

When we started Untamed Creative Society we quickly realised we needed a few WHYs in our language - so we can always keep the main thing, the main thing. Kels and I are both MILLENNIALS - say what????? Yes, we are young and knowing our reputation of getting bored quickly we knew we had to have WHY's that could sustain the boring part of the journey but also why's that were beyond just the two of us.

So what are Untamed Creative Society's whys? Glad you asked....

1. "What if" mentality - It's not about the limitations, but about the opportunities.

2. Create - We always want to create, even if it's an excel spreadsheet with all of our schedules in.

3. Collaborate - We don't want to be collectors of wealth but distributors of wealth, if we grow, people around us grow.

4. Excellence - It's easy to create, but it's difficult to create with excellence - and this is a big thing for us, we want people to be wowed by the final product they received.

5. Build - Our company needs to leave a legacy, needs to build our economy, needs to help those who can't help themselves.

6. Spontaneity - Even though 85% of our work is planning and scheduling, we are always open for a spontaneous and out of the blue moment - even if it involves driving 45min away for a BGR burger - it's worth it and we are fans. #carbsarenotourfriends #butweloveit

7. FUN - Life is too short to be serious and boring... So let's have fun.

#nofilterfriday #iknowitsnotfriday #butuesdaycouldbethenewfriday #justsaying

See you soon,

Rebeca Clark

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