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Perspective X Assumption

Lately this subject has really challenged me because it’s a lot easier to assume something than actually have perspective on something. To assume something takes a few minutes, it’s mostly done by yourself and somehow, always includes misunderstood situations.

Assumptions in MY case are MOSTLY negative and it’s about me (Just being honest here)

To have a perspective on something, takes time, and often will come from an “outsider” looking in and hopefully comes from people who know who you are, know your background and know where you are going.

Kevin and I have gone through lots of changes in our 8 years of marriage, we have lived in 5 different cities, two countries and we currently have families in two continents - if we don’t have an outsider perspective I can guarantee that we would’ve made some stupid decisions based on our assumptions and our lives would be an admin chaos. In fact we currently on our way out of town to ask for some perspective from a couple we look up to and trust.

But what does assumption and perspective have anything thing to do with UNTAMED Creative Society - because I highly believe that if Kels and I went on our assumptions, we would probably have never started our company, we both assumed that there was no space in the market for another creative company, because if we went on our personal assumptions - we were never good enough to make a dream become reality, if it was by our assumption, we probably wouldn’t even be friends, (funny story, when Kels and I met, she assumed I didn’t like her, but in fact I can just be EXTREMELY shy at first), but with people we both trust (I am not talking about the YES people, those that just say yes and encourage you in anything that seems remotely exciting, I'm talking about those who ask you the hard questions) perspective is an opportunity to zoom out and dream for a lifetime of creation.

So here is my 2cents: find people that can you give perspective.... it’s worth your time.

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