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Let it go.

Now if you are anything like me, the minute I wrote that title I immediately heard Elsa's voice singing: "let it go, let it gooooooo, can't hold me back anymoreeeeeee" (cue dramatic Frozen music) haha. You'll see where that fits in as you read more!

I love letters. I am old school at heart and if someone takes the time to sit and write something down for me - I feel all kinds of loved. I wish we weren't so stuck to technology these days.

I remember as a kid, my gran and I would exchange letters. She would come to my house, drop the letter off (address written on the back and all) and I would then respond and so it went. We wrote each other a ton of letters. She would tell me how her day was, what she was doing and ask me about mine (not that we weren't seeing each other but writing to each other was our thing). She was such a fan of the english language and would always encourage me to read. I cherish those letters now (I know all you non-sentimental people are freaking out at the thought of old letters sitting in a box haha). I love that even though she is not here, I still get to read and remember her. I LOVE that about letters. I can pinpoint and see a journey unfold.

I recently found a letter in my bible - I actually forgot it was there. I use letters as book marks. I have similar words (that people and God have given me) together with the relevant scriptures so basically the inside of my bible tells a story and if you opened it you would probably see my life fleshed out in those pages. Anyway - I found this letter that was a few pages long and it was full of descriptors of Who I am, or at least who this person perceived me to be.

It’s weird. The letter wasn’t from someone whose opinion or input I necessarily value. It's not a person I would want to speak into my life. In fact it would be hard to imagine that letter being written now. It was long winded and yet, I still found myself wanting to hold onto it. I didn't want to let those nice words go. I was confused as to why. It was like I wanted to hold onto something that said I was funny or kind or nice. But I didn’t even agree with half of the letter? Why hold onto it?

I gently felt God speak to me in that exact moment. "Let it go. Instead of holding on to what someone else said about you - ask me what I say about you."

It hit me in that moment. A part of me would rather hold onto that letter than unlock the truth of God’s word, his love letter to me? I would rather hold onto someone else’s perspective of me - than truly cling to the truth of how God sees me? I immediately picked up the letter and tore it into a million little pieces.

And you know what? It felt so good. It was freeing! I felt the presence of God and knew He was near. It was a beautiful moment. Significant. Although it seems silly - it was an action that I needed to do - physically.

I realised that I wanted to hold onto the encouraging words. The words that reflected a good and kind me - but I didn’t want to hold onto anything else. I just wanted to feel good about myself. Anyone been there? It’s nice to feel loved. And I fall into that trap often - and I have before.

Maybe you are like me. You hold onto what other people say you are (good and bad). I don't know why I care so much but I do. I find that I'll cling to one negative comment over a hundred positive ones. How often do we value human opinion over God’s? We take man’s word as final - when really God’s word is. And although this seems obvious and like something I know. I love how God works with us, gracefully, in rhythms, patiently reminding us of who He is and his love for us.

I still haven't quite wrapped my head around the truth of how God sees me, and thats probably why He keeps reminding me. But I did want to encourage you today, if you are stuck inside your head and circling all the wrong things, feeling like failure defines you - know that God's definition of who you are is not the world's. You are quite simply His and He loves you. My prayer is that you will experience that love and the truth.

Let the rest go!

Much love


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