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A Remote Internship Adventure

Hello Untamed readers!

I am Jamie-Lee, a recent communications graduate from Inscape College (so proud to say

this!). I love digital marketing and have always been involved in design from a young age.

So naturally, I was thrilled to be able to study a visual communications degree specializing in marketing. And the journey has been nothing short of insightful, exciting (late nightstiring) experiences, which has left me with a taste for more.

Part of studying for my degree, which I felt was a significant learning experience, was the opportunity to complete a short internship at a marketing or design agency. Coming to the end of my studies this year and our college had moved to virtual learning, I was slightly nervous about what to expect working in the industry next year. And so I was thrilled when Untamed Creative Society offered me a three-week internship, which I completed remotely.

Completing my internship virtually was a new experience for me and one that I had to adapt

and mould myself towards; however, the Untamed team provided amazing support

throughout the whole time. The team would have check-ins over a zoom or Whatsapp call,

usually on a Tuesday, where we would all get briefed on our work for the week. I worked

with another junior designer in the team who showed me the ropes for the duration of my

stay. Being an intern at Untamed taught me a host of skills, discipline and design

confidence being the two that stood out the most. As a new designer, I often feel under

accomplished and tend to put my design skills timidly forward, yet designing for Untamed

allowed me to see that my work is valued and appreciated. Completing my internship

remotely definitely taught me self-discipline as you have to complete the tasks on time and

ensure you do a good job without employees or your boss being in the same room. Lucky

for me, when you love what you are doing, this aspect comes a little more naturally!

Another amazing perk of interning at Untamed was the free design rein I was given to

complete the projects I was briefed on, which I really did not expect, especially as an intern.

The projects varied from product mock-ups, label designs, and social media posts for

various companies, my favourite, definitely being some great coffee companies. It was

rewarding to see some of my designs being used for clients and somewhat strange to

realise that my journey as a design student was coming to a close as I was slowly getting

ready to step into the industry.

The internship was a great experience and one that I am so grateful to have had as it has

made me a better designer as well as prepared me to take the next step into the industry.

It is something I would definitely recommend all students partake in if they have the

opportunity, as the experience is invaluable and gives young adults a little more confidence

in the field they may wish to go into. As well as teach students different soft skills which

they may not learn through their studies such as setting up a CI guide (which I had no clue how to do.)

The internship was not without its challenges, but the Untamed Team was really gracious

and took time out of their schedules to make me feel part of the company with regular

check-ins. All in all it was an amazing learning experience, and the only thing I would change

would be to meet the Team physically! (I could, however, still feel all their awesomeness

through our calls!)

The two important aspects I took away from the internship experience are that we are

resilient and can adapt to more than we think we can. If we put our minds to something,

we will be able to thrive in that environment. Secondly, each of us has our own unique

design flair which makes us unique as a designer and we shouldn't be afraid to show your

original self.

I want to thank Untamed for the experience and congratulate this company for helping

students bridge the gap between university and our industry, aiding in developing more

confidant young designers and marketers.

Much Love


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