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How to Create a Flat Lay

Is it a counter top or a flat-lay board? Maybe we were the only ones asking this question. Have you ever seen those beautiful flat lays and wondered the same? Take a look at one of the flat lays we recently did:

Flat Lay Photo Shoot!

That is in fact a flat lay board. We have a few different types of ones. They make an even surface and look pretty in pictures.

What was your guess? Maybe you are just wondering what a flat lay is? Flat lays are fun ways to display lots of content in one shot. It's a bird's eye view 🐤🐦.

Here are some of our top tips for flat lays:

1. You may need to stand on a chair or ladder (but choose safety first 😂).

Make sure that you have the space you need to be able to photograph from above. The camera needs to be in the centre of the board so make sure that your chair or ladder is in the correct place. Otherwise everything ends up looking skew.

2. Make sure that all items are evenly spaced.

It's important that you have even spacing, even if there is a lot of items like this pic. Make sure that there is, what we would call, breathing room. So although you may have quite a few items and some overlap, there is still space in between. Especially if you are looking to add text to the image in the end.

3. Use things that inspire you or the brand you are working with.

Inspiration is key whe doing any kind of content creation - flat lays included. Use the things that inspire you and reflect the brand that you are working with. We love flat lays that include a few of our favourite things or things that are key to our day to day work. Our brands need to reflect the essence of who they are on social media and often times flat lays allow us to do just that. Keep it simple and don't try too hard. Make sure it is still relevant and real.

4. Make sure you know what platform you are shooting for (Instagram, Facebook etc)

Different platforms have different dimensions and sizing so it's important to bear in mind what you are shooting for in terms of social media platforms. If Instagram, keeping it square is helpful and looks better. Instagram stories need to work in vertical ratio so you don't want to be cutting anything off either. Make sure you know what platform you plan on using the content for, it makes content creation more practical and saves you time.

5. Grab an extra set of hands

You'll definitely need a second set of eyes to make sure everything looks good and they'll be able to pose for you too! Bonus!

And finally - make sure to have fun! That's the most important part of any kind of content shooting or creation. Try something new, do something in your own style and see what kind of flat lay creation you can come up with!

Happy Tuesday!

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