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Growth is a good thing, right?

Updated: May 14, 2020

We all want to grow or want the things around us and the things we are involved with to grow, or I hope you want that for your life and those you love. Kids grow to become adults, our maturity grows, our business/work roles grow and hopefully your bank account grows too, haha.

I viewed growth to be a good thing, something to be desired, a GOTTA do thing in life and this view has not changed but maybe the way I approach growth is a little different now having gone through quite the growth spurt.

In my view, growth is a tricky thing, people want it, desire but don't necessarily know how to handle it or navigate through the complexity of growth. Now I’m not talking about growing out of your clothes, you just get new ones that fit right? Or you start running to get back into that old pair of jeans. No no, thats not the growth I’m talking about. I talking about growth in business, maturity and relationships.

Let's kick off with the easy one and work our way down the list.

Business: My business has recently doubled in turnover and the amount of product we deliver. Now this is a great challenge I have but what I’ve learnt is thats it doesn’t always equal more money in the bank. No no, by no means - you have to pay more for staff and stock and the list goes on when it comes to a growing business, however, in the end, more business does mean more money. But its navigating the tricky - pay the suppliers now while you wait on that elusive salary! Go get that growth in your job or business but be wary of the pitfalls that lie on the other side of a boom.

Maturity: I see many people who have been through a “life lesson” and chosen not to grow into the ‘growth” on offer. Every day we can take something from life and learn from it. Now Maturity doesn’t mean grow old and boring, it just means when we approach life and our day to day we do it with wisdom and implemented lessons life offers for free.

Relationships: Now this could be the toughest area to grow in. Often times we have to go through a “boom” (if you know what I mean) in a relationship, if you don’t know what I mean, I mean if you have a falling out with someone. We have 2 choices when this happens: one is to cut that person out of our life and find some else and two, to work it through with that person and grow through the process and deepen our relationship with that person or people. It's tough to cut yourself off from yourself but way easier to do it to someone you don’t like or is different to you. I believe people grow people.

Take this picture, a dam, it has an inlet and an outlet, and can hold a certain amount of water. If you were to increase the capacity of the dam you would have to raise the wall and dig the dam wider, now thats going to be uncomfortable. When you look at the dam whilst its being widened or made bigger it may appear that the water level in the dam has lessened! Growth makes the old look small and not enough when in fact growth brings capacity for more.

Life can be like this, growth brings the capacity to do more, be more and ultimately GROW more.

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