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From Student to Strategist

Heya! 👋🏼 😜 I’m Laikin Ann, a bubbly 22 year old marketing fanatic.

I’ve been a passionate marketer since the bright age of 17 when I started running the social media accounts for both of my parent’s businesses. Social media was an interactive and enjoyable hobby that soon transformed into my first micro business of selling custom made clothing online and that spiralled into studying a creative communications degree.

December 2019 marked the completion of my studies and that was accompanied by a sense of freedom and an overwhelming question of what to do next?!. I was excited and eager to find a job to kick start my marketing career, however a good job seemed more evasive than expected.

I went for numerous coffee’s, conversations and interviews while figuring out the freelancer life. Many of these prospects were for roles that didn’t seem like the ideal fit, but would have given me stability and a start. A couple of months and a deadly virus outbreak had come and I still found myself without a full time job. However, constant networking, persistence and a positive attitude lead me to a wonderful digital marketing company called TDMC.

My multiple interviews and freelance work experience had provided me with the tools to comfortably exhibit my skills and personality in order to win the role of Google strategist with this forward thinking and progressive agency. The role has allowed me to grow as a digital marketer and learn about the inner workings of Google ads, e-commerce and what makes a successful online business. I’ve had the privilege of working alongside a handful of top digital marketers on some leading brands such as FutureLife, Esse, SAINT & SUMMER, Thandana and many more.

Looking back with 2020 vision I can safely say that had I landed any of the previous jobs, I would not be as happy as I am at TDMC, however I do not regret these interviews for even one second. Having patience and putting myself out there has been invaluable for my confidence and communication skills. It allowed me to learn to portray myself and get to understand the job landscape. At the same time I had to learn to be patient and not so hard on myself. Patience, persistence and confidence is what I believe it takes to land your dream role.

My final takeaways from transitioning from the vibrant student life to becoming a full time employee is that:

1. Always say yes to interviews, coffee talks or networking as you never know where it may lead you.

2. Be patient with the process, you don't have to rush into the first role offered as you never know what will come your way!

Much Love,


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