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Experience? Yes please!

What has my experience at Untamed Creative Society been like? It has been so many things!

I started interning for Untamed in June and I’ve already learnt a lot. Rebeca and Kelsey have taught me so many things and life lessons that I will be able to take with me and apply to my own life. They are both such inspirations and I see them as my role models - they’re absolutely amazing!!

Interning has been a lot of fun and I’m so glad that I took the opportunity to express my creativity in ways that I didn’t even know I was capable of. I’m currently in Matric and I have been wondering for a very long time , what am I gonna do after school? Am I going to move overseas? Am I going to go and study? But now, I have an idea of what I want to do.

Next year I hope to be part of Untamed Creative Society full time or somehow express myself in a creative and untamed way. I love all the people that I’m surrounded by while I’m interning and I can’t wait to see Untamed expand and hopefully become international.



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