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Don't revert to DEFAULT!

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Here we are. Lockdown day 589834984 and still no clear direction for whats ahead. Someone told me Cyril was going to address us again, and immediately I began to get anxious. What is our president going to say now? The anticipation starts to build while I begin to wonder if I am going to be able to stay up until 20:30 for the address or if my body will give up and go to bed before then!

Next thing I hear.....ha....FAKE NEWS! It's not Cyril and there is no address. PHEW, I breathe a sigh of relief. We're safe....for now! Anybody else missing wine yet? I miss a good glass of red, coupled with a fire and friends at our Friday night dinners. Man, I really miss my people. We connect and yet the world still feels disconnected!

Given the current state of South Africa, the World even, I find it so easy to feel anxious and uncertain. I don't really know what the future holds. When I look out into reality I can't help but wonder how we'll survive. Companies, people, the economy - it seems a little doomsday-ey but just being real here, I think about that. And I immediately want to go into save the world mode. Okay maybe not the world - but my world. I want to help as much as possible. I want to give more than what I have. I want to be part of a solution. Type 2 anyone? But I seldom want to give into surrender. Lose control? Are you crazy? That would be letting go - how could I do that?

However, they say that there is freedom in surrender. One thing I do know, from experience, is that fear is not a good decision maker. And I have realised that when we are fearful we can have a knee jerk reaction to things. We immediately go to the closest thing that can save us (no matter how it pulls us away from where God has called us to go). We revert to default without even realising it. We begin to think: well I could get another job, on top of this, and that'll make a way (yes that's me!). That'll help. That'll solve it. But in actual fact, that is my default and not my faith. That's how I'll solve it! That is MY solution. Anybody else? You know, where you have that moment where you come up with situations to solve your current reality? I could go part-time here or full-time there. I could split things in two. It's also so easy to live off people's approval. It feels good, safe even. I am getting well done's here, so I should maybe consider this as my next move. But faith....

Faith means that I trust God. Completely. With everything. I trust the words He has spoken and the promises He has given me. I trust the council of the people and leaders he has put in my life and in all this I begin to realise that my default setting has not been faithful but rather fearful. That my uncertainties and insecurities breed all sorts of falsities in my life. But the word of God stands true. He is faithful. He is Kind. He has ALREADY made a way. Jesus.

So tonight, I wanted to encourage you - don't go back to default. Don't try and take control. Let go, surrender and trust God. Let's do it together!! You friend, are not alone. Don't try to solve and make your own ways. You are not the saviour and were never destined to be. But you are the son. And God promises to provide for your every need.

Until next time!

Much love


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