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Creating on Demand (Part 1)

In a world filled with technology everything seems like it’s double speed. I don’t know about you but often I get to a new project and I don’t know if I will have any new ideas or a new concept left. I also find myself leaving projects thinking “was that the last idea left in me?”

How do we know we will be able to create AGAIN?

I often have this fear that my next will be my last and my last was all that I had left. But, fortunately every time we go into a new project, UNTAMED comes with something new and fresh.

I forget that over time we create banks or digitally speaking, stock of content, ideas, imagination and experience.

Anyway, in every creative solution I am firm believer that we need to have constant discipline, like Dorothy Parker perfectly said— 'Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye.’.

So here is what I reckon has helped UNTAMED stay creative and relevant:

1. Creative Thinking needs Analytical Thinking as much as Analytical Thinking needs Creative Thinking… Woow, that was really not deep! But stay with me. Creatives have this stigma or reputation of NO ORDER, and let me say this - that is RUBBISH… If we want to use creativity to its best we need to create without limitations and execute with limitations. What I mean by this, is that in our brainstorming we should just go for it - don’t edit, just keep throwing GOOD ideas out there, think out of the box… and then put an end to brainstorming and get to the dirty work by adding strategy, deadlines, plans aka limitations. Our creativity is truly creative when we have a final product, if not, it’s just another creative idea.

2. Embrace healthy rhythms:

I am guilty on this one. I love what Cass Langton said in a recent podcast she did with us about this crazy pandemic: we haven’t necessary worked from home, but we have lived at work. Yes, that was me in the first 3 months of Lockdown. I literally locked myself in a DIY home office and I worked from 7am to 12am with a family break over dinner. Not healthy, not sustainable. I felt like I was running out of ideas, I was running out of excuses with my family about working overtime.

Eating well is also part of embracing healthy rhythms, often for the sake of time we eat something quick & nasty instead of taking the time to make something that will sustain us instead of just filling us up.

Along with that, find time to be in the sun and get fresh air, there are so many studies about Vitamin D, it’s free and freely available (mostly if you live in Gauteng). And while you are out, go for a walk, endorphins are also magical and helpful. Anyway, the point is - Be healthy in all aspects.

3. I enjoy three points, so here is my third. Stay curious:

I first heard this from Tony Rainbow (epic name right) and it really changed the way I perceived curiosity. I love watching How To’s on YouTube, I love watching reviews and I honestly love reading interesting facts about things - could I be more curious? YES, but start somewhere, find something that really intrigues you, read about it, watch tutorials and ask questions. Staying curious helps you look at things with a different perspective and knowledge.

By: Rebeca Clark - Co-Owner Untamed Creative Society

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