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Caption this?

Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter - the list of social media platforms is endless. And we would know. But we get a lot of questions about captions. Which is sometimes surprising.

One of the most common questions from clients is this: do captions really matter?

Now, the short answer is yes. But there is a little more to it. Although the images grab attention, captions help! So we thought we'd share some insight in case you wondering what's in a caption.

Captions tie into your Marketing and Sales and should be treated like that. At the moment instagram captions especially tie into some of the hot topics in search engines - ie: they'll help your search engine optimisation (SEO) if they are good. They shouldn't done hastily and unintentionally. The imagery you use may draw people in but the caption can give valuable insight into your business. Yes it can be tricky - do you need to be funny? Or serious? Hey, sometimes it's a bit of both. In captions it's important to just be YOU! Like you would in any other marketing and communications.

So here are some top tips to writing better captions:

  1. Be intentional - know what you want to achieve with the caption. In other words - is it details about who you are? Is it a product you are selling that needs a description? The important thing is to THINK about it and lay it out nicely.

  2. Use paragraphs to lay out the text. If there is too much information in one space chances are likely people won't necessarily take the time to read it, as a lot of text can be overwhelming!

  3. Use catchy headlines to grab people's attention and try to put the most important information first so people see that first, otherwise they may miss it! You could start with a question but make it interesting or perhaps a statement of sorts. But try to link the caption to the image / link, otherwise people may miss what you are trying to say.

  4. Emojis are great and lots of fun - make sure to use them but incorporate some text to it too.

  5. Aim for engagement and work that into your captions - but make sure to make space for people to engage. Let your audience get involved, whether it's a question to them or a "comment below" - you are asking them to be involved and people love that! Why not ask people what they think!

  6. As part of your caption, pick a platform that you want to drive people to, possibly your website or store (if you have that) - and include that in your caption. Make sure to update the link in bio for Instagram BUT put the full link in Facebook and Linkedin.

  7. Use hashtags as this helps people find you and it's all organic so helpful to have the right hashtags on your posts. Do some research and figure out what works for your pages.

  8. Don't just consider what you can GET from people - GIVE them something - add value with some motivation or free wallpapers or something along those lines. Entertain them as much as you inform them.

But all in all, the most important thing is to communicate clearly and efficiently - and where you can keep it short and sweet but don't miss out on the opportunity to reach your audience through great captions.

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