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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Need an SEO Package to bump you up the Google rankings? 

Here at UNTAMED, we are passionate about creating organic and real traffic to your website and social media platforms, by optimising content for the approval of machines (that ultimately rank you on search engines like Google, Instagram, and TikTok) and for the enjoyment of the consumer. We believe that a great SEO service is a journey to be done in partnership. That’s why we deploy our expertise, time, and skill to do in-depth research of what keywords will help your web and social pages rank higher and subsequently include them in strong, engaging copy and content. We will also optimize your bio’s, URL, title, headings, meta descriptions, and more to improve your search engine rankings. 


We go the distance by creating tailored SEO services to ensure that your social media and website hold the attention of your customer. We use software that updates us on what your website needs and how your customers interact with it. This gives us guidance on how to update your content and keep it fresh and relevant. 


With an effective SEO package and a partner that cares about the growth of your business, you’ll start reaping the benefits of the time and resources invested.

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