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Allow us to bring your brand to life through design and development, strategy and brand reputation management.

Corporate Identity Design allows your brand to come alive, in every sense of the word. This is your visual identity. What people will see and who they will engage with. The look and feel of your company is expressed through Corporate Identity Design. It is extremely important that your corporate identity design reflects who you are as a business. We are committed to creating brand identities that are visually rich and create a consistent and clear visual identity for your company or brand. 

It is not only professional to have a consistent corporate brand identity, it is also vital for your brand and business strategy going forward.

We have found that an inconsistent corporate identity design creates inconsistencies throughout the company. Having a clear, well defined corporate and brand identity allows companies to better define themselves and who they are. This also allows for consistent communications both online and offline. 

Ultimately a strong brand identity is what sets you apart from your competitors and can be a defining differentiator. It shows customers who you are and what they can expect when interacting with you. 

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Corporate Identity Design

“Products are made in a factory but brands are created in the mind”  Walter Landor

Untamed Logo Brand Portfolio
Download our Corporate Identity Portfolio 

What’s included in a corporate identity design? 

We believe that corporate identity designs are often neglected because companies do not understand the importance of the design and development of these elements. It takes time to develop a basic identity for a business and if neglected, your company may feel this at a later stage when a customer doesn’t recognise the business as one brand.

  • Your brand is the way your customer sees you and that is why you need a solid Corporate Identity (CI) design from the get go.

  • As part of our CI design package you receive:

  • Logo design

  • Colour Palette 

  • Typography - primary and secondary fonts

  • Iconography

  • Corporate stationery pack

  • Layouts / best practices for using the logo elements



once off

Corporate ID: “logo files/ corporate stationary” these give the business a sense of culture of the business.  

2 concept logos – businesses face/identity 

2 reviews



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Demographic/Audience Assessment 

Corporate ID: logo files/ corporate stationary 

3 concept logos

3 reviews 

Business Profile

Letterhead Mockup