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What’s the difference between corporate identity design & branding?

glad you asked...

The best way to describe the difference between corporate identity design & branding is emotion. Maybe you didn’t expect that, but branding is how a customer relates emotionally to the company. It can be described as what the customer thinks of you.

The corporate identity design, however, includes your official colour palettes, fonts, logo design, stationary as well as consistent logo positioning. A corporate identity is built through the branding process. This has to do with the more tangible elements, in other words, the things that people can see, hear, touch etc. 

Business card Brave and Tinysmile

Brand Management

Once you have developed a corporate identity it’s important that this forms part of all online and offline communications.

Logo Design

This is a per-hour cost at R550 per hour

*It does not include a brand CI pack such as business cards, signatures etc.

**This is a logo design only and cost is dependent on the time it takes to design and develop it.

Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity: Your brand is the way your customer sees you and that is why you need a solid Corporate Identity (CI) design from the get go.


“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand” Paul Rand